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I would like to create this space and dedicate it to those who have contributed and supported my passion on raising awareness and breaking down the stigma towards mental health, one paw at a time.

I am looking for a monthly contribution of $1.00 towards #BarkForMentalHealth, if you would like to contribute, I will accept PayPal or e-transfers to, or below I have created a link for credit cards.  Venmo/Cashapp unavailable.

$1.00 Contribution

Other ways you can support is by leaving a review on my three Facebook public pages below, share and invite your friends.  One paw at a time, together we will raise awareness and break down the stigma towards mental health.
Sandy The Whippet And Friends
Bark For Mental Health
Meow For Mental Health

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Jennifer Lovvorn
Suzanne Matthews
Kenneth Baker
Laura Wood
Laurean Keasling
Jennifer Lovvorn
Wenche Neverdal
Sandy Van Rassel
Brittany Denise
The Hound Lounge, Con Keller
Camila Martins
Debbie Walker
Catherine Lodge
Mike Thompson
Maureen Hvidston
Gracie Riley
Noreene Sweeney
Lacey Mills
Susan Layton
Chad & Krystal Marks
Jennifer Herbers
Annette Hall
Adrienne Riley
Julia Kayitah Eichenbaum
Kenedee Douglas
Jordan Stolze
Chris Jaross
Michael Grasso
Valerie Gibbs
Kevin Stewart
Andrew Chandler
Karin Holly
Sarah McMaster
Kathryn Wortel
Ted & Digit, Kayla Vany
Nancy Boisvert
Kristi Hofer
Jane Culton
Virginia Robertson
Jane Horne
Ralph Reed
Emma Jeffs
Carey Bursaw
Jennifer Fast
Leslie Mills
Kelsi Paul
Silken Kosolofski
Robyn Tansey
John Tanquiy
Debra Pense
Joan Frycki
Cynthia Mancuso
Luke Meadows
Elizabeth Cooper
Elim Church
Jennifer Bennett
Anne-Marie Stephani
Jeff Cornblatt
Kris Armstrong
Harsh Jariwala
Debra Pense
Louise Riain
Bayley McLay
Laura Fillion
Tammy Mcharg
Brenda Carden
Patricia Pettit
Gillian Edon
Dianna Beveridge
Jenny Marshall
Jacqueline Flynn
Deann Daunhauer
Ruth Davis
Jane Horn
Louise Riain
Leanne Saxton
Jackie Rose